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Tolar Automotive is a new Auto Repair Shop owned and operated by locally trusted Families. We have a devoted commitment to keep you on the go at the less reasonable amount possible. So, have you been looking for a straightforward auto repair shop near you with someone you can just hand your keys to so your vehicle can be fixed correctly? Are you in search of a responsive auto repair business where you will NOT pay for things you don’t need? Do you want to be treated fairly and with respect? Good, look no extra! Our staff of skilled professionals are more than capable of fixing your ride and even happier to do so. We thrive to base our surrounding with caring, friendly, and fun people to ensure better work quality and pleased customers. One of the most vital parts of our daily lives is our automobile. We realize car trouble is one of the most inconvenient problems any of us can experience, we understand people want to go to a clean, upbeat, and reliable auto repair shop where people are smiling and having fun while working. When you enter Tolar Automotive it’s like you become part of our family. We perform repairs and maintenance on most cars, trucks and trailers.

Thank you for visiting our site and for your business if we have served you. We welcome you to leave a review to express your feeling toward our services, in hopes that your Satisfied.